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Roof leaks

A roof is the top cover of the building, supported by the walls of the building. It is vital in providing protection against rain, sunlight, snow, various weather conditions, temperature, wind, storms, etc. When it comes to repair and maintenance – roof leaks are one of the major problems that households or businesses face.  Owners struggle to deal with the issue until they can find a professional who can do the job for them. Serious damage to the roof can affect the whole structure. Hence, it is very important that the smallest problems and damages are detected and dealt with as soon as possible.

Since the signs are seldom visible to the naked eye, recognizing such kinds of damages is a challenging task. The signs identification process can be as simple as following the traces of stains such as water stains, black marks, or mold, on the walls to the source. Or as complex as finding hidden leaks near roof penetrations. Penetrations are plumbing, roof vents, chimneys, or anything that is passed through the roof layers by making an incision. Sometimes, the leaks can be multiple feet above the penetration or to the right or left of it.


Dangers of Roof Leaks

Any moisture exposure can seep in the walls of the structure and into electrical wires which can cause electrical hazards and lead to a fire. Molds grow on damp surfaces which can ruin the base of rooftops. And pose a host to various health issues for those staying or working the premises of the building. It is hence imperative to carry a frequent inspection of the rooftops to detect any leakages and fix them immediately.


Causes & Prevention of Roof Leaks:- 


Sometimes the issue or problem is due to localized damage and the signs are evident as cracked or missing shingles, buckling among adjacent shingles, blistering the top layers. The causes of these damages can vary from poor installation/ execution of work to the building being exposed to extremely harsh weather conditions at that time may need residential roofing Cincinnati to repair your roof. The other contributors to the problem are:


1) Age of the Roof

Over a period of time, the rooftop material deteriorates and thus becomes considerably less effective at keeping the water out. Temperature imbalances, bad weather conditions cause the roofing materials to become brittle and develop cracks. It is therefore essential to keep a check on the rooftops at regular intervals and get necessary renovations and repairs done from time to time.


2)Missing & Damaged Shingles

When you find your roof missing some shingles or if they show signs of wear and tear, it’s necessary to get the repairs done immediately. The cause can be due to improper installation or high-speed winds. While this cannot be prevented, the only workaround is to look for shingle pieces or other debris on the ground after a storm. In no circumstances should you climb on the roof without taking safety precautions? 


3)Dark patches on the Roof

When water penetrates through the different layers of the roof, it induces moisture which is the breeding ground for mold. Sections, where mold grows, can be easily identified as dark patches. When one notices any mold or mildew stains on their roof, it is recommended to seek the services of professionals to take care of the issue. And to have the roof cleaned. Pressure washing by self should be avoided at any cost as the pressure from a power washer may cause unnoticed erosion. Drive water under the shingles or tiles causing further damage to the roof.


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4) Low hanging Branches and Foilage

Continual and drastic strong winds can blow away enormous chunks of the roof. Trees and branches are one of the main causes of roof impairment. Whenever the wind blows, the falling branches from overhanging trees get blown off and on impact damages the shingles and other roofing materials. Additionally, the fallen leaves block the drainages which result in water flowing into living spaces. It is thus recommended to trim the leaning and stumbling branches on the roofs to avoid damage. 


5) Debris in Gutters

Debris accommodates moisture and leads to mold and moisture corroding the roofing materials. Clogged drainages and gutters with leaves, branches of trees, and other substances damage the roofs. Gutters that are choked up with leaves or other debris will slow the water flowing off the roof. Giving it time to soak through. Meshed gutter lids aid in keeping gutters free from debris and allow water to pass freely and instantly off the roof. The debris mostly accumulates in between the spaces of the two roofs, hence it should be cleaned out on a regular basis. Thus basic cleanup is very necessary for the long life and prevention of leaks in the roofs.


6) Roof Slope

Whenever the roof slope is too shallow, there is a possibility that wind will pull shingles away and drive rain underneath. Similarly, snow or dust can remain accumulated in shallow slopes and add additional weight on the roof supports. This becomes a direct cause of roof top leakages. It is advised that while installing the roof, ensure that roofing materials are compatible with the roof pitch and are fixed in the correct way.


7) Any Drill Holes or cavities

Whenever TV antennas, cable wires, or rooftop installments are being removed or relocated from one rooftop to another, the openings that remain, are a spot for rainwater collection and if left unattended, they draw water into the building. It is therefore important that all such open roof holes are sealed properly to avoid he leaks.


Wrapping Up

Most of the time, roof leaks develop a lot earlier than they are detected. While most of the variables that cause roof leaks are unavoidable, a regular rooftop inspection from time to time can alert you and prevent roof leakages. CHI Roofing has specialized roofing experts in Cincinnati, ohio who can look at roof leaks from localized damage and provide solutions based on the damage extent.