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Window Upkeep and Repair

Although most of us have lived in a home our entire lives, window maintenance is a topic that is neglected by most individuals and rarely discussed in general conversation. Taking care of windows is far more than simply washing the glass. If you want to avoid window replacement in Cincinnati, the following steps can greatly reduce the risk of needing a house window repair Cincinnati.

Take care of the window track- vacuum it and keep dirt and other debris out.

Look at and maintain your window frame and rollers. Wipe down the frame with water (or water and a mild detergent) and lubricate it as needed with a silicone spray. This will prevent buildup and allow for a smooth, functioning window. Monitor the rollers and replace or adjust them as needed. These should also be periodically lubricated.

Make sure you are checking and maintaining a window’s drainage holes. If clogged, water cannot drain away from your window base, causing damage and ultimately leading to possible Cincinnati window replacement..

Screens should be vacuumed and/or cleaned with water and a mild detergent at least annually. This is the window’s first line of defense against dirt and water. Having healthy screens helps keep all other window components running smoothly and more free from dirt.

If you have recently had a window installation Cincinnati and it wasn’t completed by a professional, have a professional check to ensure proper installment.


House Window Repair Cincinnati or Cincinnati Window Replacement

When windows age or are left uncared for, the option of a house window repair Cincinnati may still be the answer. Catching a problem before it gets worse can mean a change of rollers, readjustment to the window track, or added lubrication. There are times, however, when a total window replacement Cincinnati is needed. Please note, window installation in Cincinnati should be completed by a licensed, experienced technician. Having great windows is a key factor to maintaining lower electricity bills, both in the summer and the winter.

Cincinnati is a city of varying temperatures and weather patterns. Done correctly, windows can insulate the inside of the house from the outside environment. Whether the homeowner is trying to keep in the heat or cold, windows are the key! Old or improperly installed windows hemorrhage your heat or cold out into the world. Cincinnati window replacement has saved many homeowners hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in home heating and cooling costs.


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What are the signs of needing a Window Replacement?

Needed Cincinnati window replacement can present itself in a variety of ways. If you are feeling a draft, your heating or cooling costs are increasing for an unknown reason, or your windows are becoming difficult to open or close, it may be time for house window installation services. Also, if you begin to notice your window sills are warped, chipped, or soft, this can mean water is not draining properly and is causing structural damage to the window itself. This needs to be treated immediately.

As always, consulting with or hiring a professional, certified company to install and maintain your windows is the recommendation. Speaking from experience, the cost upfront is nothing compared to the lasting, cost-saving benefits of having a proper window functioning.