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signs of window replacements


Windows in a building may seem purely for aesthetics, but they have functional purposes as well. Not only do they allow natural sunlight inside to provide sufficient illumination to the room, but they also keep other elements such as dust, wind, critters, and pests from entering inside. Well-maintained windows can last up to 20 years, depending on the location’s weather conditions, and send out signs when they need replacements. Some issues can be dealt with by opting for low budget DIY repairs such as changing the windows’ protective films or repairing the window frames to make them airtight. You need to consult a certified contractor for more intensive aging and consider the complete replacement of your windows.

Determining when a small repair would suffice to increase the windows’ longevity and when you need to replace them depends on the different symptoms you detect. This article lists the other signs that determine when it is time to replace the home’s windows.


Why Should you replace your windows?

Before we dive into learning when to replace, let’s understand why you should replace windows. A home is someplace you can thrive comfortably, and replacing your windows when the need arises allows you to continue living comfortably. The benefits of replacing your windows at the right time include:


Reduce Energy Costs

Broken window panes, deteriorated rubber sidings, or cracks in the window frame allows the outside air to enter inside. The thermodynamics laws dictate that the hot air will flow towards cooler areas and vice versa till the average temperature becomes equal. So the warm air from inside during winter will move towards the exterior, thereby lowering the temperature inside. This means your air conditioning unit needs to work extra to maintain the internal temperature set on the thermostat. This, in turn, represents a significant increase in the energy bills to keep your home heated or cooled.


Keeps your House Protected

Weak window panes or aged windows sidings make it easy for an intruder to break into your house when empty. Similarly, any gaps between the window panes and the frame can become a doorway for the critters, bugs, or any other pests to enter inside and start an infestation. Applying specific film on your window’s pane makes them break into small pieces instead of large shards when broken, thereby lowering the chances of injury while cleaning up.


Increase The Curb Appeal

When buying a house, the prospective buyer or the realtor will be on the lookout for any signs of damage (both evident and underlying). Based on this, they make calculations of whether the house is a good investment. The exterior of a house determines the curb appeal. When you have a fresh coat of paint, new-looking windows, and roofing with a full set of shingles, it is a sign of good maintenance and significantly improves the curb appeal.


Less Maintenance

Older windows frequently require repairs, and with great care, you need to provide extensive cleaning or repainting them. When you replace your aging windows, the superior quality windows will last you at least 2-3 years before requiring any repairs. This time saved can be invested somewhere else.


When Should you Consider Window Replacement?


Cracked Frames or Windows Panes

One of the most obvious signs of window replacements is window damage. Due to continued exposure to ultraviolet radiation and harsh weather conditions, the window frames may warp, crack, or break into small pieces. This not only deteriorates the aesthetics of the house but also compromises the structural integrity of the windows. Due to the warped frame, the windows fail to close completely, and the inside air can escape, or critters can enter from the gap.


Fogged Glass

Windows allow the natural sunlight to enter but with continued exposure, the chemistry of the window pane changes, and the transparency is lost. Soon the windows start looking foggy and fail at their purpose. In the case of double- or triple-pane windows fogging can be due to gas leakage. The gas acts as an insulation, and the crack allows the gas to leak and allows the condensation to get trapped in-between two glass sheets. These types of physical damage cannot be repaired, and you need to replace your window panes.


Aged Wooden Frames

Moisture is the mortal enemy for wooden window frames. Moisture can make the wood inside the frame absorb the water and expand. This causes the wood to rot from the inside and develop mold growth. Moreover, termites can bore into the wooden frame and build a colony inside. This makes the frame hollow and prone to breaking.


Jerky Window Movement

A window should open and close effortlessly, but with time, dust might collect in the sliding tracks, or the hinges may get jammed. After multiple sessions of opening and closing the window, the window may fail to make an airtight seal when closed. Depending on the window’s age, even after multiple cleaning and repairs, it may stop working altogether and require replacement.


Sensing Wind Drafts

Windows need to make an airtight seal with the frame to prevent the air from flowing. Even after multiple sessions of caulking and changing the seals around the window, if you are sensing a slight draft of air coming from the window,  it means replacement is the sole option. 


No Soundproofing

Windows are also efficient enough to insulate the outside noise while functioning properly. If you can hear your window panes vibrating or shaking violently at every sharp noise, it is an indication that they have lost the soundproofing capability.


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High Energy Bills

As mentioned earlier, when the windows are not efficient enough to prevent the airflow, they can make the air conditioning unit work overtime in regulating the internal temperature. If you notice a spike in your energy bills, Window replacement Cincinnati at C.H.I. Roofing might be an excellent option to call a professional contractor.


Only Aesthetic and not Functional Windows

You may have Victorian-style windows or arched windows with stained glass that add a visual appeal to your home but aren’t functioning correctly. You can get them replaced with modern windows that maintain aesthetics while being functional as well.


Wrapping Up

Not every broken window or sagging frame means you need to consider window replacement. Consult an expert and schedule an inspection. This can help you choose a better option considering the window’s repairability, longevity, and maintenance. Window replacements are costly compared to repairs and need to be done when the window is beyond repair or nearing its lifecycle end.