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Roof Types for Cold Weather

What good is a house without an able roof? After all, it is the roof that protects the home. Choosing a decent roofing system is indispensable to keep your house safe from the weather, dust, and other environmental issues.

When choosing a roof, it is critical to think about the climate you face in the region. If you are located in a place that experiences maximum heat, your roofing system should focus on keeping the house cooler than the ambient temperature. Similarly, if you live in areas prone to fires, your roof should be resistant to withstand extreme heat.

The cold weather is typically bitter and harsh in many places. It snows quite regularly. The roofing material choice needs to be precise so that the roof doesn’t get damaged from thermal shock.

There are plenty of roof types that we believe are best suited for this environment. Before we dive into the roof types, let’s understand how these roofs help house owners.


Why Invest in Cold Weather Roofs?

In most states where it snows, the people experience drastic temperature drops. Apart from the snow, you might also be hit by the blizzards. The minute ice particles in the snowstorms travel at high speeds and cause significant damage to your roof on impact. As a result, investing in a cold-weather roof will ensure durability and reliability. They will be able to handle the severe weather condition with ease. If the top is designed for the snow, it will ensure that the ice melts away and the water does not seep into your house.

If you install these roofs with proper insulation, it will also keep your place warm.


The Types of Cold Weather Roofs

There are several roof types that you can install to safeguard your homes from cold weather conditions. Let’s take a look at the materials that professionals suggest you use. Many Cincinnati roofing contractors using for many years.


#1 Slate

It is a prevalent roof material that professionals have been using. The main reason for its popularity can be attributed to the appeal and durability it offers.

The material is designed to handle cold and harsh temperatures. This material can face high-speed winds, storm-like conditions, and fire with breaking. It is best suited for all types of environmental conditions.

The sloped nature of this roof allows the snow to move down. It does not allow the ice that melts to get inside the house owing to its inherent property. Ohio receives 68.1 inches of snow every year. Hence, the people here use slate to build their roofs.

The other advantage is the long-life. With little maintenance, you can ensure that the roof lasts longer than most others. Such great benefits and durability come at a price. Slate roofing material is slightly expensive and bulky. When installing, professionals need to add structural support for longer life.


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#2 Metal

The other material that professionals use when installing the roofing system in cold areas is metal – the main reason being its resistance to ice and snow. As the roof allows the ice to slide away, you won’t see any heavy snow or ice on the top. This is one of the reasons why it lasts for a longer time. As there is no pressure on the roof due to the ice, it is durable and lasts long.

If you add a layer of insulation to the roofing system, you are in for a treat. It will keep the interior warm and exteriors damage-free.

The metal roofing system is considered to be slightly expensive as against other materials. Metal is easily malleable, so you need to wear specialized boots to spread the weight in a small radius to ensure the material doesn’t bend. 


#3 Asphalt Shingles

Fiberglass asphalt shingles are best suited for all kinds of harsh weather conditions. It protects the roof from the sun, cold weather, and even heavy storms. The best part is the roof never experiences wear or tear in the process. With easy maintenance and affordable rates, they happen to be the most sought-after solution in most parts of the world.

Such amazing roofing material has a kink in itself. They rarely face issues, but with time, they need to be replaced. You might have to change the roofing system or repair it quite frequently. 


#4 Clay Roof Shingles

Clay comes with durability and an impressive appeal. The look of the roof grows richer when you use this material. The resale value of the house may increase when you go with clay roof shingles.

This roofing material can withstand cold weather and the harshness that comes with it. Clay being an eco-friendly material, you can recycle it whenever you need to remove or repair the roof.

The downside is that the installation of this roofing material is expensive. It is as high as installing slate roofs. A lot of countries are opting for this option owing to its durability and recyclable nature.


Wrapping Up

There are three factors to consider when choosing a cold-weather roofing solution for your house

  1. The durability of the material

  2. Load-bearing capacity – if it can withstand heavy load

  3. Water sealing – Ability to prevent the ice from seeping into your houses

Once you have made the right choice, you need to look into your roof repair/replacement budget. It is always a good idea to hire a professional roofer for roof installation & replacement like CHI Roofing to help make a budget-friendly choice for your needs.