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Planning to replace your existing roof sometime soon but confused about what kind of shingle roofing will work best for you? Read ahead, this article is for you!

Starting with the basics Shingle Types

Shingles consist of individual overlapping elements covering the entire roof from the bottom edge to the roof up. Roof shingles form an aesthetic part of a building in terms of pattern, textures, and colors as they embellish and protect your house from different climatic conditions.

There are different types of shingles, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. You can choose the shingle according to your house’s location, home design, durability, ease of replacement, and last but not least, the cost.

Do note there are different shingle styles too that bring diversity to this roofing material.

So before bumping into the question, which shingle type will look finest? Let’s learn about different types of shingles first.


Types Of Shingles

There are six main types of shingles.



One of the most popular and certainly the most economical shingle type available in the market is Asphalt Shingles. They are easy to install and come in a multitude of sizes, colors, and stylesles such as Parkwood, charcoal, slate, and weathered wood.

Typically there are two varieties of asphalt shingles, fiberglass and organic. Both the varieties have an outer layer of asphalt but; 

  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass shingles have a fiberglass base mat consisting of a lap-streak of wet fiberglass with a waterproof sealant. A great part of these shingles are:

  1. Durable

  2. Lightweight

  3. UV Resistant

  4. Fire Resistant

  • Organic

Organic shingles have a wood product mat made up of recycled cardboard, rags, paper, or wood chips, often known as felt mat shingles. They are inexpensive compared to fiberglass shingles but, on the other hand, are heavier and short-lived too.

One major drawback of installing organic shingles is they are susceptible to retain moisture which causes an extensive breakdown of the shingles in climates with high humidity and freezing temperatures.


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Majorly, there are three types of asphalt shingles:


a) Three-Tab Asphalt Shingles

3-Tab Shingles are the popular roofing choice among people of modern homes in America. They are thinner with an organic mat base. Affordable and easy to install, which may last up to 20 years. Unfortunately, it can blow off if not installed properly or due to continuous poor weather conditions over time.


b) Architectural

Architectural shingles are multi-layered shingles, providing a thicker appearance to the roof. They offer luxurious-looking styles and can be crafted into various shapes, from octagonal panels to overlapping square patterns. With an extra laminate layer contouring them, they look a bit more designed. With proper maintenance, architectural shingles may last up to 50 years.


c) Premium

Premium shingles are often known as laminated shingles providing an enhanced aesthetic appearance. They are fabricated as impact-resistant, protecting the shingle from hail storms, probably extending the roofing system’s life.

Cost: $ 90 per square

Cons: Shortest lifespan; Susceptible to varied temperatures




If you are looking for something modern and can spend a bit more, then tile shingle could be the right option for you. They are one of the most durable shingles available in the market, with an average lifespan of around 80 years.

Tiles offer great insulation properties and lighter colors keep the house cooler compared to other shingles.

Commonly there are eight kinds of roofing tiles installed:

  • Stone Slate Tiles

  • Bituminous Tiles

  • Metal Tiles

  • Copper Tiles

  • Polymer Sand Tiles

  • Composite Tiles

  • Ceramic Clay Tiles

  • Polymer Sand Tiles

Out of this eight, stone slate tile is the most popular one. This roofing will be chosen by the homeowner, who accepts only the finest. Slate tiles are difficult to install but once done accurately; it remains long-lasting.

Note: If you had asphalt shingles previously, the roof structure will not support the tile shingles. These shingles are not advisable for homes that encounter hurricanes, tornados, or are even surrounded by trees as the tile may get damaged, which will require immediate substitution to avoid leakage of the roof.

Cost: $ 800 to $ 1400 per square

Cons: Heavy in weight (All roofs cannot support); Highest cost.




If you do not want to break the bank, wood shingles fall in the medium range between asphalt and tile shingles. They are available in different kinds of wood, redwood, pine, and cedar (being the most popular ones).

Wood shingles are prone to weather damage due to which their appearance changes over time. Additionally, you need to treat the surface at regular intervals to avoid the growth of moss, algae, mold, and termite.

Cost: $ 350 to $ 450 per square

Cons: Vulnerability to fire.




Metal roofing offers a great combination of aesthetics and durability. Metal shingles are available in many different metal types, such as zinc, copper, steel, and aluminum being the most common. They can be a bit costly initially, but it’s worth it as it requires low maintenance and offers longevity.

Cost: $ 525 TO $ 1250 per square

Cons: Cost is on the higher side than that of asphalt or wood; rain sounds louder on the metal roof. 




Composite shingles are a unique product made up of engineered polymers combined with recycled plastic and rubber. One cannot virtually distinguish these roofs from that of wood and slate. These shingles are heat and impact resistant to varying degrees and even retain their color over their lifespan.

Cost: < $300 per square

Cons: Expensive; Deficiency of skilled roofers




One of the most contemporary types of shingles you can install today is solar shingles. They are pleasing in appearance, which not only keeps water out of your home but generates electricity to power your home too.

These shingles last from 20 to 25 years but cannot be installed on the entire home roof. You need to decide which other type of roofing shingles you would like to install alongside the other solar shingle.

Cost: $2100 to $ 2500 per square


Points to consider:

Before narrowing down your preferred roof shingle, consider the below-mentioned factors:

  • If you are staying in a humid and rainy area- wood shingles will not be right for you.

  • If tree lines around your home, tile roofing suffers serious damage by falling branches.

  • If you have a sturdy home structure that supports the roof weight, you can consider slate or metal roofing.

So which type of shingle is best for you?

Well, choosing a shingle entirely depends on your needs, your home, and of course, the budget. Hopefully, the data mentioned above will help you finalize the one, though the prices mentioned are for estimation only and may vary at times.

But whichever type of shingle you choose, make sure you get the roof inspected and installed by an adept local Cincinnati roofing Contractors like CHI roofings only.