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Selecting Quality Window Screens

Like the roof of a property, windows may seem ornamental but have value far more than they are given. It may come as a surprise for most that a good quality window also can be energy efficient in reducing the need for extra lights or the thermostat working extra hard for temperature regulation. Not only do they allow natural light to enter inside, they stop the air from disrupting the temperature inside. 

Windows are a great way to provide a sense of openness, and the area looks more extensive than its original size. They also alter the layout of your room as well as change the exterior look of the property. Yet, all this depends on the window quality and window type you choose while opting for Window Installation Services from a professional contractor. 


Factors that Govern Windows Screen Quality

Installation or window replacement in Cincinnati is not as simple as picking out a window and installing it. Multiple factors affect the choice. 



The most crucial aspect of any window installation or replacement project is the budget you have allocated for the project. Windows come in different shapes and sizes, and depending on the budget, window suppliers offer brands and materials to fit the pocket. By having a pre-set budget (with little leeway), you quickly focus on a niche while eliminating the rest. It is advised to steer clear of those who are only offering one window type as they may either have a restricted stock or misguide you in the name of profits.


Design Options

If you think windows come in only one style, you are grossly mistaken. As seen below, you have a wide choice of window frames and panes of desired shapes.


Depending on the window shape, the frame changes, and in terms of frame materials as well, you have four major types:

  • Wood

  • Vinyl

  • Fiberglass

  • Composite (A mix of two materials)

If you are only considering window replacement, it is safe to stick with the existing design to reduce cost. Whereas if you are considering window installation, the world is your oyster.


Local body Regulations

Many building codes need to be considered while choosing the window type, and certain clauses change from state to state. As per the Ohio government’s building regulations, replacement windows clearance can only have minor reductions in the opening as per the existing dimensions of the window. If unclear of what slips under the radar and what is a strict no-no, consult a local authority first. While many may not be an authority, experienced contractors such as CHI Roofing can also suggest their opinion on the kind of windows you should consider.


Window Quality

Most homeowners want the best quality of window panes and frames. Yet, as the quality increases, the price also rises simultaneously and soon overshoots your budget. On the other hand, low-quality windows may be cheap but may be more prone to breakage or damage due to the roofing’s substandard quality. So, the money you saved during installation may be spent in the pursuit of getting them repaired year on year. Moreover, higher-quality windows are made with durable materials, which means they require less maintenance. If you are planning to sell the property, it is better to install high-quality windows, as the expense can quickly be recovered in property value.


Warranty offered

Warranty is the soft cushion that breaks your fall financially if and when your windows are damaged and badly require repairing. Yet, the fine print in the warranty document is a lawmaker’s playground. Some contractors offer a complete warranty, while other contractors may provide a separate warranty for different items. In addition to the material insurance, it is also essential to ask the contractor whether they have factored in the labor and installation insurance while providing the estimates. Ideally, the lifespan of a regular-sized window is ten years, and hence most contractors provide the average insurance duration as ten years.


Weather Conditions & Additional Protections

In Cincinnati, Ohio, the summers are warm and humid, while the winters are frigid. Rain falls for 150.9 days and collects up to 27.64 (702mm) of precipitation, and hence it is partly cloudy year-round. The temperature is rarely below 8°F or above 93°F; instead ranges between 24°F to 86°F. Depending on the weather condition where the property is situated, it is essential to apply appropriate protection films on the window screen to protect it from different weather conditions. Some of the protective films and glasses are:

  1. Energy-efficient Insulated Film

  2. Double-glazed and Triple-glazed

  3. SoundProofing film

  4. Impact-resistant

  5. Condensation resistant

  6. Maximum visible transmittance film

During the inspection, a contractor would factor in the weather conditions and suggest the right type of window. 


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Ease of Installation

This is only applicable when you are considering DIY your windows. Most window pane replacements can be done quickly, provided you have the most common tools such as rubber gloves, chisel, pliers, and rubber-based adhesive. It is better to consult a professional contractor for more intricate window repairs or replacements as the skill and expertise make the project completion quick and effortless.


Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the best user-generated content that gives clear information about their experience with the entire process of window installation or replacement. It is vital to refer to the customer reviews while choosing the windows to learn about the material quality, build quality, the type of window pane installed in it, and other information. For selecting the right contractor, it is essential to refer to customer response on popular citation providers such as Angie’sAngie’s List, Better Business Bureau, Consumer Reports, HomeAdvisor, etc. Give extra attention to the customer complaints and check how it was resolved. This gives an idea of how committed the contractors are to maintaining their reputation.


Customer Expectations

While houses may be the same, those living inside have their own personality and expectations from their windows installation. Some are looking for easy-to-open handles that require fewer efforts to open or close, while others may be looking to make the house energy efficient while being sacrificial to other features. Customer expectation plays a huge role in the window choice. It is essential to understand your requirements before jumping into choosing windows. 


Wrapping Up

Your windows define the look of your property, the level of energy efficiency it possesses, comfort level, and security offered. While it’s only a portion of your house, window choice requires in-depth research. We hope this article guides you in the correct direction and presumably becomes pivotal in the next window purchase.