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TPO Roofing Installation

Exploring your options: What is TPO Roofing?


No roof lasts forever. When looking for Commercial Roofing Cincinnati OH, there are many options. With the constantly changing Ohio weather and snowy winters, having a reliable roof is a necessity for the long-term life of a building. It is important to find Cincinnati roofing contractors you can trust to give you the best options for the best price, leaving you secure with your choice in a roofing company, offering long-term protection for your building and belongings.


When looking at roofing options, there are two main choices- TPO or EPDM roofing. A TPO roofing system is a newer, more energy-efficient version of EPDM roofing and is available for commercial or residential roofing applications. TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin and is a single-ply roofing membrane, but don’t be fooled by the name. This more modern roofing option is made of rubber, not plastic. The other top choice- EPDM, or ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, is the trusted standard for many years and is also rubber-based. Yet, the installation process and rubber make-up of the material are different from TPO.


Benefits of Installing a TPO Roofing System


Although square foot pricing is similar in EPDM versus TPO, TPO roofing installation is typically a faster process, ultimately saving the customer hours of labor costs. Classic EPDM roofing is laid down with one sheet slightly overlapping its neighboring sheets. It is then adhered to the roof by using a specialized tape sealant or ballast. TPO roofing installation, on the other hand, is done by laying the sheets end-to-end. It is then glued and heat is applied to chemically seal the seams. This creates almost a single-layer effect, eliminating potential seam leaks.


TPO is available in multiple colors, all being equally UV resistant providing a reduction of carbon emissions. TPO roofing material is also resistant to dirt, mold deterring, and is puncture and tear-resistant, saving the customer money on long-term maintenance.



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The only negative of a TPO roof in comparison to an EPDM roof has to do with if TPO will be exposed to a high level of heat on a consistent basis. In areas such as Las Vegas or South Florida, for example, TPO may not be the best option. When roofing Cincinnati OH, however, this is not an area of concern. As far as expansion and contraction, TPO roofing is perfect for typical Ohio temperatures or shifting older structures and holds up extremely well.



C.H.I Roofing- Steps to TPO Roofing Installation


  1. Inspection– C.H.I Roofing provides customers thorough inspections, making sure the foundation for a new roof- or other renovation- is sound. Many companies will simply re-roof a structure without inspecting the soundness of the building. This can cost the building owner thousands. C.H.I. inspects and reports all findings prior to starting any new project.

  2. Material Prep– Working closely with engineers to ensure the best design, any building issues found during the inspection can be resolved by C.H.I.’s team of trusted and experienced workers. C.H.I. also partners with only reputable brands and manufacturers, ensuring the top materials for the best prices are always available to clients.

  3. Set & Install– Whether for TPO installation or another of C.H.I.’s many services, the installment is done quickly and professionally. All installment materials are ready to go prior to the installation date. And, when the job has been completed, the work area is left debris-free and clean.


Why Choose C.H.I. Roofing?


C.H.I. Roofing is the premiere, GAF certified, Cincinnati Roofing Contractors you can trust! With a decade of expertise driving success, a thorough inspection and assessment are completed prior to every job. So the customer knows exactly what to expect, no surprises! C.H.I. has been rohttps://www.731roof.com/ofing Cincinnati OH using the newest materials and techniques, providing customers with the highest quality service available. All work is backed by a 20-year workmanship warranty, standard with all completed jobs. For your commercial roofing Cincinnati oh needs, C.H.I. should be the first and only name you come to know and trust!


Call C.H.I. Roofing for your roofing quote and ask about TPO roofing for your home or business!