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While gutters help move rainwater or snowmelts from your roof to designated discharge points, homeowners often ignore them. Part of the reason is gutters are high up on the roof and out of reach for most of us. Harsh elements can affect the gutters’ performance and cut their life short. When you notice something is…

Summer roofing

Compared to winter, the summer season is an easier season for many people to maintain their home & roof. This is because the atmosphere during the early summer season contrasts with the harsh snowy winter or rainy season. During winters, heavy winds, hail, lightning, and thunderstorms damage the roof. Yet, once you reach the middle…

guttering maintenance

People love the winter season, the time when everything seems beautiful, calm, and positive. Some people enjoy the snowfall very much, some play with the snow, while some take in the feel. However, there are always two sides to a coin. Along with joy, winter also comes with particular challenges.  As the winters arrive, you…

Cincinnati Gutter Repair

Tips for Preventing Ice Dam Damage  When living in a location that experiences unpredictable winter, homeowners must make sure to winterize their homes in preparation for the upcoming snow and icy weather. Winterizing can include everything from preparing outdoor water features and gathering up needed supplies, to sealing doors and windows from the fast-approaching cold…

Roof Repair Cincinnati

5 of the most common signs that indicate your Cincinnati home is in need of a roof repair.   Damaged Shingles Let’s face it, shingles don’t last forever. Damaged shingles are one of the easiest to spot signs that you may need to look into companies for roof repair Cincinnati. Damage can be apparent in…

Gutter Repair Cincinnati

Why Are Gutters Important for a Home?  We all know most houses have gutters installed when they are built and most of us understand that gutters direct the water from the roof down to the ground. Have you ever wondered, however, why gutters are actually needed? What would happen if we simply allowed the water…