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If your roof is compromised, so is your home’s ability to protect you from the elements. A damaged or weathered roof can reduce insulation and even cause water leaks. If you want your home in Cincinnati to maintain a comfortable temperature and protect you from the weather, asphalt roofing may be the solution you need.

When choosing a material for your roof, it’s crucial to know each option’s advantages. At C.H.I. Roofing, we have many years of experience in the roofing industry, helping thousands of customers and learning which materials are the most advantageous. This page will cover some of the benefits of asphalt as a roofing material, but our team can help with a wide range of roofing and home improvement projects.

Asphalt Roofing Cincinnati

American homeowners use asphalt as a roofing material more commonly than any other material. This material brings a range of advantages and can look appealing when installed correctly. With years of experience working with the material, our team can make your asphalt roofing project quick and easy. If you’re considering replacing your existing roof in Cincinnati with asphalt roof shingles, C.H.I. Roofing can help.

Asphalt shingles can also be installed in various patterns and angles, allowing for customization to your liking. So, if you have a specific look in mind for your home, our team at C.H.I. Roofing can help you bring it to life with an asphalt roof.

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Benefits of Asphalt Roofing

It’s no coincidence that asphalt shingle roofs are the most common roofs in the United States. The material provides an impressive range of advantages over other materials, making it a compelling option for anyone considering replacing their roof. Some of the benefits of asphalt roofing shingles are listed below:


Asphalt is a naturally resilient material, and the shingles made from it are designed specifically to withstand high winds and impact. As a result, asphalt roofs require less maintenance over time than other roofing materials, ensuring you and your loved ones stay safe from the elements.

Contractors can also treat the shingles with specialized coatings to increase durability or improve temperature retention. If you’re interested in saving money on your energy bill, ask our experts about asphalt shingles with solar coating.


While no roof can make your home completely fire-proof, asphalt roof shingles are more resistant to fire than most roofing materials. With a Class A fire rating, these shingles can slow down the spread of a fire, giving you and your loved ones more time to get to safety.

Environmental Impact

While asphalt can either consist of fiberglass or organic material, it is a highly environmentally friendly material. The material is recyclable, but it also helps homeowners save electricity, reducing their carbon footprint.


Compared to other options, asphalt is surprisingly cost-effective as a roofing material. The shingles themselves are affordable, and the simplicity of the asphalt shingle installation also helps keep costs low. Labor costs often make up a significant portion of the roof installation price, so saving time means saving money.

While choosing asphalt as your roofing material can save you money upfront, the savings over time can be even more impressive. Because of the nature of the material, maintenance costs are minimal, as the shingles are resilient and rarely require repairs. If you’re tired of storms and wind taking a toll on your roof, switching to asphalt can make a substantial difference.


Another benefit of asphalt shingles is the impressive versatility they provide. With a range of available colors, asphalt shingles can provide the finishing touch to any color scheme or style. Whether you want a traditional gray or black color for your roof, or you want to get more creative, an asphalt roof can help you turn your home into the home of your dreams.

Different coatings are also available that enable asphalt shingles to mimic the visual effect of other materials. For instance, if you want the aesthetic appeal of a wooden roof without dealing with the maintenance of that roofing material, our team can create the same design using asphalt roofing. The availability of these coatings makes asphalt roofs an excellent choice for homeowners with a wide range of styles.

See What Our Clients Say

See What Our Clients Say

Asphalt Roof Repair in Cincinnati

Although asphalt roofs are highly resistant to wind and damage from elements, no roof can withstand the elements forever. So, if your asphalt roof in Cincinnati is damaged or leaking, it’s crucial to find a professional specializing in servicing roofs with asphalt shingles.

At C.H.I., our asphalt roof repair contractors have years of experience repairing and maintaining asphalt roofs, so you can be confident that our experts will do the job right. We’re proud to serve the Cincinnati community and strive to make sure every client is fully satisfied with the outcome of their repairs.

Asphalt Roof Replacement in Cincinnati

At C.H.I. Roofing, we always do our best to save our clients as much money as possible. Therefore, our team will always do their best to repair your existing roof, even if the damage is extensive. Unfortunately, wind or fire damage can sometimes be severe enough to require a complete roof replacement.

Our team is thoroughly trained and equipped to handle residential and commercial roofing jobs and has the experience to make your roof replacement efficient and straightforward. We understand that roofing problems can be stressful, and our team will make sure your roof is back to normal as soon as possible

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