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Roof Repair and Replacement Cincinnati

If you or someone you know is looking to replace damaged roof shingles, there are 8 main steps, recommend by your Cincinnati roofing contractors at C.H.I. Roofing should be followed to do the job and have it done correctly.


Purchase new shingles

Shingles come in a wide variety of colors, thicknesses, materials, and styles. The first step to replacing roof shingles is to try to match the shingles that are currently on the roof needing to be replaced. This may sound like a simple task, but due to the sun bleaching out the original shingle color and differing qualities and thicknesses of available shingles, finding an exact match is frustratingly difficult. If available, having a sample of the broken or damaged tile to use as a comparison against your options is recommended. If a sample is unavailable, take a close-up, clear picture of the current roof in daylight to assist you in matching the color. Hiring Cincinnati roofing contractors to complete this task will help to get the best match possible.


Organize & Set up Materials

Having the proper materials available and ready to use when needed is vital to help the repair progress quickly and efficiently. Our CHI roofing team recommends the following tools for your Cincinnati roofing repair. Having these tools and materials on hand will save the homeowner time, money, and frustration during your roof repair in Cincinnati.

  • Bucket, rope, hammer, roofing nails

  • Crowbar

  • Fulcrum- for prying nails away from 2×4 wood beams

  • Shingles- Our Cincinnati roofing contractors at CHI Roofing recommend hoisting tiles up one at a time using a vice grip tied to a rope

  • Caulking gun with roof tar tube

  • Ladder


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Getting to know the shingles and how they are laid

Depending upon the shingle materials used and how they were originally installed. The repair can need to be done differently from one home to another. At CHI Roofing steps, we evaluate each and every roof to see how to best repair the roof in the most cost-effective way.


Remove nails from damaged shingles

Even if the shingle looks like it may come right off into your hands, a good roof repair Cincinnati team will understand the importance of removing old nails prior to installing the new roofing material.


Remove shingle

Remove old shingle material, making sure to dispose of them properly and check again to ensure you have removed all traces of previous shingle, such as bits of shingle or roofing nails. If you are unfamiliar with safety techniques of working on sloped, elevated locations, you should hire a professional Cincinnati roofing contractor to complete this task for you as hiring a professional will be more cost-effective and painless than an emergency room visit.


Lay new shingle

Again, please follow safety procedures while laying new shingles.


Tar, Tar, Tar (and a mask to wear while using it)

Tar is a durable, waterproofing material that is often used as a sealer and adhesive when repairing roofs. It Should be set when rainfall is not forecast and when temperatures are around 70 degrees. As this is the temperature best-suited for setting the tar.


Examine and monitor work over the next week

In an ideal situation, when done correctly the above steps will assist in replacing shingles. But- as with any project- it is best to monitor the area. To make sure the original problem is indeed corrected.


If you’d like a helping hand from your best roofers in Cincinnati, call C.H.I. Roofing and we’ll make sure the job is done right.