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Depending on the chosen quality and material, siding on a home or business can last anywhere from 15 to 50 years. How can a homeowner tell when it’s time to look into new siding options? Below, our Cincinnati siding repair experts have shared the top signs owners should monitor when evaluating current siding.


1. Faded Coloring

For almost any colored material left in the sun, fading occurs over time. Siding is no exception. Siding repair Cincinnati experts agree that faded siding does not necessarily mean it is immediately time for new siding. There are steps our CHI Roofing Cincinnati siding repair team can take to renew the look of fading siding. However, if any pieces of siding need to be replaced due to damage, it can be nearly impossible to color match the new siding to the old.

Although some options may work, such as taking a piece of siding from another, less visible area of the same home or business to replace the old, this option still may not match the color exactly. If this doesn’t work, replacing the siding of that entire side of the home or business is suggested. 


2. High Energy Costs

One of the main indicators of siding beginning to need to be replaced is an increase in heating and/or cooling costs. Here in Cincinnati, outdoor temperature fluctuations can be significant. If siding is beginning to wear out, increases in heating and/or cooling costs may be a direct effect. All siding has some natural insulating effect, protecting your home/business from outdoor temperatures, but when speaking with one of our Cincinnati siding repair technicians at CHI Roofing, be sure to ask about thermal siding options.


3. Loose Siding

Siding typically does not come loose, but it may come loose for a variety of reasons. If the wood underneath is rotten, siding may need to be removed to access and repair the wood prior to replacing the siding material. The siding itself may have become worn out or damaged and is in need of replacement. Siding replacement Cincinnati experts at CHI Roofing can help, regardless of the cause.


Recommendation: Proper Vinyl Siding Maintenance


4. Dry Rot

Dry Rot is actually a moisture problem within your siding. If water is able to get in behind the siding, fungus and mold can grow, eating away at the wood. The only option for fixing dry rot is to replace the affected areas as soon as they are discovered. Our siding repair Cincinnati experts can quickly help resolve and replace dry rot siding issues.


5. Wildlife Damage

It is a natural fact for most of us that animals, at some point, will try to take refuge in our homes. To do this, they will often scratch or bite holes in siding to gain access. As with the faded siding, color matching existing siding with replacement siding can be difficult. Our CHI Roofing Siding repair Cincinnati team can assist.


6. Bubbles or Blisters

In some circumstances, Cincinnati siding repair may not be an option. Vinyl siding can bubble or blister when exposed to extreme heat such as from grills that are too close to the siding or sun reflections from nearby reflective objects. Siding that has this type of damage can unfortunately not be repaired and needs replacing.


Our Cincinnati siding repair experts at CHI Roofing are here to help! Give us a call.