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At CHI Roofing, we’ve worked very hard to establish trust among our team and customers. Oftentimes, our neighbors will ask us how we managed to build such a strong business and become the top Cincinnati roofing contractors? While we believe that there is no one secret to building and running a business, there are a few traits that all successful contractors have in common. In this article, we share the five traits that we have seen in all successful roofing contractors.

Those five traits are:



1. Effective Communication Skills

Communication is not typically a skill in the front of a contractor’s mind and not all contractors are born communicators. However, as a business owner, you will find yourself in constant contact with employees, subcontractors and customers. Therefore, it is important that you understand how to communicate with each party effectively.


2. Adaptability and Flexibility

As a contractor, you are providing a service to your customers. Your customers may change project plans, require new deadlines and reevaluate budgets. As a local service provider, you must continue to exceed expectations. Remaining adaptable and flexible throughout projects will help you meet customer’s needs on time, every time.

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3. Be Creative

It’s highly likely that you will work with customers who do not have a clear vision for a project. It is your job to get to know the client and create a project plan that matches their personality. This often requires thinking outside the box to create a masterpiece for your customer. 


4. Attracting and Keeping Talent

We believe that a business’s team can make or break the business. When growing you want to lead with an employee-centered attitude. On top of creating a positive environment, it is important to offer additional lifestyle benefits. Perks such as family leave, reasonable paid time off and comprehensive insurance packages should all be implemented to help attract and keep talent.


5. Humility

The best contractors know do not let success go to their heads. They understand that they must remain humble and demonstrate humility. Bumps in the road such as accidents, delays, and mistakes are part of this industry and a contractor must know when to admit fault, take responsibility, and admit mistakes.


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