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The roof comprises various components like shingles, gutter,  flashlight, etc. The life of any roof depends on how well the roof owners maintain it. Yet, more than often, the roof gets neglected. It is essential to get periodic inspections and maintenance of the roof. A regular roof inspection helps to identify and detect factors that ruin the roof. Roof maintenance improves the functioning of the roof and allows it to last longer. The roof undergoes various weather elements and other natural calamities. It is the topmost part that gets subjected to heavy rains, winds, and thunderstorms. Due to this, one needs to get the necessary repairs done, else you need to consider roof installation contractors in Cincinnati.


Listed below 5 are the major factors that ruin roof:


1. Wind Damage 

The wind is one of the top causes of roof damage. Strong winds can lift and pull away shingles from the roof. If shingles get blown off, the underlayment of the roof gets exposed, which causes leaks. Strong winds also damage chimneys and edges of the roof. High winds also result in granule loss and result in cracks in the roof. This makes room for critters to sneak into the home. As winds cause catastrophic damage to roofs, it is best to regularly have a roof inspection done by an expert. The experts will take the necessary steps to prevent further damage. 

Experts may like to add cement underneath loose and popped-up shingles. Based on the extent of damage, they may suggest you replace the worn-out shingles. One may also consider using wind-resistant laminated shingles. Although little expensive than ordinary shingles, these shingles have more staying power. These shingles have strong adhesive along with unique nail holding power. This way, shingles can withstand the high winds and result in great wind performance. One can also opt for the best metal roof for residential properties. 


2. Sun Damage

The harsh ultraviolet rays of the heat of the sun have a damaging effect on shingles. Shingles are tough enough to withstand harsh ultra-violet rays for an extended period. Yet, over some time, shingles get faded, develop cracks, and deteriorate. This happens due to its thermal expansion. The UV rays damage the top layer of your roof materials. This makes the roof lose its integrity, giving a dull and subdued look to roofs. 

The brittle shingles develop cracks leading to water penetration issues. Hence replacement of worn-out shingles is the only option in such circumstances. One can have a quality underlayment separating shingles from the roof deck. You may also add attic ventilation to reduce the heat and moisture problems of wood and shingles of the roof. For moderate hot regions, UV-resistant roofs are the best option. Install reflective roof coatings to prevent ultraviolet and infrared sunlight. This does not prevent fading of the roof but results in a cooler roof. 


3. Overgrown Trees

Trees are great for landscaping, provide shade, and also serve windbreakers. However, overgrown trees can cause significant damage to your roofs. Heavy rainfall, winds, and thunderstorms cause the tree limbs to break. If fallen on your roof, the broken limbs cause the breaking of shingles, thus destroying the roof. The overhanging branches wear off roof material and may scrape the shingles. They puncture through the shingles, creating a pathway for water to seep into the home. Broken branches, leaves, needles, and other tree debris can clog your gutters. Due to the clogged gutters, the water doesn’t get drained out. The water gets accumulated and results in leakages, and causes damage to your property. The accumulated leaves, twigs on the roof trap moisture. This creates perfect conditions for mold and mildew growth. The moisture decays the roofing shingles and other components of roofing systems. 

Certain tree species like birds, squirrels, bugs may also resin onto your roof. Pests, birds, and animal infestation again causes damage to roof interiors and exteriors. Nesting by birds and small animals taking shelter are common problems. A fallen tree may prove very dangerous and disastrous. To avoid roof damage, ensure to cut back limbs and overhanging branches on a timely basis. Routine gutter cleaning and storm clean-ups help to protect the roof from tree damage. Also, ensure to get rid of weak, sagging, and dying tree branches as soon as you spot them. This way, your roof will stay safe from the damaging effects of overgrown trees.


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4. Algae, Lichen, and Moss

The humid, moist, and warm weather conditions create conducive conditions for algae growth. The algae discoloration begins as small spots, but in a few weeks, it transforms into steaks. Most of the time, algae is considered an aesthetic issue. However, it harms roofing systems in the long run. Algae discolor the shingles makes them brittle. It also curbs the appeal of your property. Lichen is a slow-growing plant that creates a crusty-looking growth on your roof. Moss looks a lot softer, but it’s a growing plant encroaching where it’s not wanted. Wind and pests carry the moss, which makes it spread faster. 

Moss causes water movement, which leads to moisture in roof decks which results in leaks. If your roof has lichen or moss, it may cause wood rot and structural damage. One can clean moss and algae growth with a mixture of chlorine bleach and water in equal quantities. To prevent algae, moss growth, one can install shingles embedded with algae-resistant granules. These granules contain copper, which makes the roofless habitable for algae growth. Trim overhanging branches to allow sunlight and less debris accumulation on the roof. This, in turn, leads to less favorable conditions for algae and moss growth.


5. Rain and Hail Damage

Whenever the roof gets hit hard by rains, it damages the structural integrity of the roof. Rainwater flows out with ease if the gutters are not clogged. However, due to rains and high winds, gutters get clogged with debris. This, in turn, erodes the roofing materials and leads to cracks and holes in shingles. Rainwater gets collected in the holes which seep in the attics and interior walls. Any accumulated water further weakens the shingles and underlayment. Watch out for clogged drains and downspouts after the rains. Again clogged downspouts and drains prevent rainwater from flowing out. This impacts the structural integrity of not only the roof but also of your property. 

Along with the rain, hailstorms too can damage the roof. The extent of damage through hail depends on hail size, wind speed, and direction. Hail causes leaks, breakage in the roof edges, and holes in the roofing materials. Depending on its diameter, hail damage on the roof causes dents in gutters and damage in sidings. If you have installed skylights on your roof, look for any cracks and holes in windows. Hard-hitting hail damages underlayment and leads to leakages. It is, thus, necessary to inspect the roof after rains and hailstorms. It is best to get the roof inspection done by a roofing professional. This will give complete insights into the extent of damage and carry out necessary repairs.


Wrapping Up

Various factors impact the roof. It is essential to get roof maintenance done from time to time. If the roof inspections are not done, especially after heavy rains or winds, it can severely damage. Any damage to the roof leads to leakages and mold formation. If ignored for a long time, trapped water can seep into interior walls. This can further lead to issues in the electrical system of the property. Hence it is important to get a roof inspection done by roofing contractors. One can take expert roofing services to access the roof from time to time. Ensure to carry repairs on the roof as this will protect your property from further damage. This will, in the long run, help you avoid roof replacements. If you are in need of any type of roof repair or replacement services, contact CHI Roofing. Our experts will help you get the roof of your dreams.