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Roof Repair Cincinnati

5 of the most common signs that indicate your Cincinnati home is in need of a roof repair.


Damaged Shingles

Let’s face it, shingles don’t last forever. Damaged shingles are one of the easiest to spot signs that you may need to look into companies for roof repair Cincinnati. Damage can be apparent in many ways. All shingles with bare spots, curling or broken edges, or discoloration should be evaluated. When cleaning gutters, it is common to find shingle granules, but excessive granules may mean shingles are deteriorating. As water permeates the shingle, discoloration may occur. Keeping watch for these obvious signs and calling the best roof repair Cincinnati OH may save a homeowner from a major roof leak, preventing the stress, headache, and finances that go along with it.


Sagging Roof Deck

Roof decks perform optimally when they are level. Unlevel or sagging roof decks don’t allow for proper water drainage, causing saturation of the roof and/or inside rafters of a home. This lasting damage is preventable or, at the very least, can be reduced if addressed quickly. Although a sagging roof deck can be able to be addressed by a reputable roof repair Cincinnati company, if left untreated, the problem will worsen and eventually require homeowners to replace the full roof and effected rafters. This problem is even more severe in northern snowy states such as Ohio. When specifically speaking of roof repair Cincinnati OH, homeowners must realize there is the possibility of the weight of the snow on already stressed roofs completely collapsing portions of unrepaired roofs.


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Clogged Gutters

When gutters become clogged, water may not be able to drain away from your home quickly enough. Causing a backup of water into your roof and ultimately rotting fascia boards. Roof Repair Cincinnati may not even be needed providing the homeowner performs the proper maintenance required to unclog gutters with typical home maintenance thus alleviating the source of the problem. Remember, roof repair Cincinnati, OH does not need to cost an owner a bundle, simple maintenance is very affordable and the savings to the life of your roof will pay for any cost incurred almost immediately.


Exterior Light Showing Through

If a homeowner can see exterior light showing through his/her roof, roof repair Cincinnati should be looked into immediately. Exterior light means there is ultimately no protection for your home from the outdoor elements and biotic world. Water damage is a major concern with this sign of needing a roof repair Cincinnati, OH, but this type of roof issue is also a high concern for insects, rodents, and animals having direct access into the home.


Leaks in Ceiling after rain

The most obvious sign a roof repair Cincinnati is needed is seeing an active leak in your ceiling following rain. Most roof leaks can be patched and corrected by a roof repair Cincinnati, OH professional company. Once the roof gets to the point of leaking, it is not advised to repair the roof yourself as a licensed professional will have the best ability to patch it up. The roof is without further damage to the surrounding shingles.


Any of these sound familiar? If so, your house may be in need of a roof repair right away.  Give your Roof repair company at C.H.I. Roofing a call and we’ll make sure the job is done right.