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Window Replacement Cincinnati

When thinking about ways to improve the quality of a home and the lives of those living inside, replacing windows should be a high priority. There are many reasons homeowners may want to consider window replacement in Cincinnati.

Here we have listed what many consider to be the top 5 benefits to home window replacement.



1. Lower Energy Costs

Residents of a city such as Cincinnati have almost all experienced standing next to a window in winter and feeling a draft. This draft is not only bothersome as owners are trying to keep guests and residents comfortable, but it can become quite costly to those paying the bill. As a house settles, windows shift, allowing air to leak out. Not only does this occur in Cincinnati winters, but in summer, Air Conditioning costs can skyrocket as hot outdoor air rushes in, keeping air conditioning units working full-time. New windows not only assure a proper seal, stopping air leaks from ever happening, but double and triple pane windows may have built-in UV protectant. This not only seals in the desired temperature but helps protect your interior from sun-fading.


2. Noise Reduction

Getting a window replacement Cincinnati job completed can immediately reduce outdoor noises from being able to be heard inside. Whether neighborhood children or noisy cars, having the right windows installed can be the difference between being woken up bright and early on a Saturday morning and having a peaceful uninterrupted rest. Whether multi-panes or soundproofed glass, CHI roofing can work with customers to find the best fit for the best cost.


3. Safer Home

Window glass comes in a variety of treatment options from which homeowners can make a selection. We live in a time where home security and safety is a high priority for families. Tempered glass adds a layer of protection for children and adults as, if broken, most glass will shatter into small squares. Another option makes the glass nearly indestructible, protecting all inside from potential intruders.


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4. Curb Appeal

Let’s face it, new windows look fantastic. Windows can be the difference between a home looking dated and one looking more sleek, modern, and inviting. Not much is worse than having broken or cracked window glass and/or non-functional components. New windows correct such issues and can add a pop of color to a home. An owner may also decide to install a bay window and create a new home focal point. Changing windows can literally make the outside of a home look refreshed and new.


5. Increase Home Value

A Cincinnati window replacement will increase your home value. According to CNBC, replacing a home’s windows can give an owner up to an 85% Return on Investment (ROI). New windows also cut off possibilities of water damage and/or intruding insects. Having no current or previous home issues can make a home much more attractive to a buyer.


Our Cincinnati window replacement experts at CHI Roofing are here to help! Give us a call.