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Tips for Preventing Ice Dam Damage 

When living in a location that experiences unpredictable winter, homeowners must make sure to winterize their homes in preparation for the upcoming snow and icy weather. Winterizing can include everything from preparing outdoor water features and gathering up needed supplies, to sealing doors and windows from the fast-approaching cold weather. One thing most homeowners don’t consider, however, is how to prepare the roof to avoid ice dams. Ice dams form due to a difference in temperature between the inside of a home and the outside snowy weather creating snowmelt that freezes prior to dripping off the roof.

Ice dams occur frequently in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas and can damage roofs, creating leaks. Our team of Cincinnati roofing contractors at CHI Roofing is frequently called out for gutter and roof repair that could possibly have been avoided had proper precautions been taken. In this article, we have provided you with what we consider to be the best preventative measures for your home.



Have a properly functioning Gutter System

When water is able to quickly and easily drain from roofs, it has little time to freeze in or on gutters and create damage. To avoid gutter repair Cincinnati, all debris should be cleaned out of gutters prior to the first snowfall. This allows any daytime snowmelt to quickly and easily drain completely away from your room. Stopping water from pooling and refreezing each night when temperatures again drop.


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Make sure you have proper Attic Insulation

Many roof repair Cincinnati calls come from leaking roofs either during snowmelt occurrences in the winter or when spring arrives. Ice dams are one of the main causes of such roof leaks. Having proper attic insulation can prevent most of these roof repair Cincinnati calls from even needing to be placed. When attics are insulated properly, indoor warmth cannot melt snow creating the cascading and later freezing affect most slanted roofs create. Stopping the initial melt will not only prevent roof damage but may also prevent future gutter repair Cincinnati calls.


Make sure your attic is Properly Vented

Proper attic ventilation can dramatically reduce the chances of additional heat causing ice damns. And the problem of condensation forming in your attic. Warm air from your home rises into the attic space. Proper insulation is the first step to reducing ice dams, but without a way for air to properly circulate throughout the attic, air will remain warm. The goal is to mix indoor and outdoor air and get attic temperatures closer to outdoor temperatures. Proper ventilation is the key to this.


Our gutter siding repair company at CHI Roofing is here to help! Give us a call. We will assist you with proper roof winterization, avoiding common issues that promote ice dam formation!