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Roof Ventilation Services

Reduce Energy Costs

Even with perfect insulation, attic temperature affects indoor temperature. Cincinnati roofing contractors should understand this and work to help homeowners lower summer electric bills. Whether working on older or newer homes, all homes will benefit from an air conditioning system having to work less. Proper ventilation in a home’s attic allows excess heat to escape. This gives an AC unit less to overcome, reducing the need for a system to be continuously running, reducing overall energy costs. 


Reduce Indoor Temperature Extremes

Most people understand that heat rises and cold air sinks so, to a point, light temperature variations within a home are to be expected. Extreme temperature differences, however, can actually be caused by a lack of proper roof ventilation, pushing different temperatures of air back into your home. Many of us have experienced walking into a room and feeling dramatically colder air by our feet or walking up the stairs and realizing the upstairs has a completely different temperature than the downstairs. These differences are signs that it may be time to have a Cincinnati roofing contractor out to evaluate your home. No matter the season, this can save your electric bill and make everyone more comfortable in all areas of your home. 


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Extends Roof Life

Roof life can be cut short for many reasons. When roofing Cincinnati, climate and weather changes must be taken very seriously when it comes to roof health. Cincinnati gets snowfall and with outdoor temperatures falling below freezing, temperatures are very different between the inside of a home and the outside. These temperature variations can cause what is known as “ice damming” to occur. Ice damming happens when the warmth from inside your home seeps into your attic and is not able to be released.

This warmth, along with the warmth from the sun, melts the snow from the top of the roof. As this melted snow drains down the roof, it slowly cools and refreezes and becomes a large dam of ice on the edge of the roof. Many times, when a home is covered in large, long icicles, this may be the cause. unfortunately, this can severely damage roofing materials. Proper ventilation allows for the warm air within the attic to escape, essentially killing off that perfect situation that causes the ice to melt before it should be. 

Proper ventilation is also beneficial in the summer months when temperatures can become very hot. The ventilation allows for heat escape, saving your shingles from being unevenly or excessively warm. Our residential roofing contractors at C.H.I. can help!


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